Supplies That You’ll Need When Cleaning Your Water Bong

A water bong can be handy for smoking dry herb, but the more that you use it, the dirtier it will become. Over time, you might notice that the water inside is dirty, and there might be a buildup of resin and other residue on the inside. Cleaning it might seem like a big job, but it’s easier than you probably think if you have the right supplies. These are a few things that you’ll need if you want to be able to effectively clean your bong.

Rubbing Alcohol

First, you are going to need rubbing alcohol. Your rubbing alcohol can be used to help get rid of any resin that is built up on the inside of the bong. Any type of regular rubbing alcohol that you purchase from a pharmacy should work fine for this job, or you might already have some in your medicine cabinet.


Additionally, you are going to need something that is mildly abrasive that you can use to clean out your bong. Since it can be difficult to make sure that you rinse out every single trace of whatever you use, you’ll probably want to use something that will be safe for when you refill your bong with water and start using it again. Therefore, salt is a very good option. It’s cheap, it’s abrasive enough that it will work well for cleaning without scratching your glass bong, and it’s non-toxic. Plus, you probably already have some on hand in your spice cabinet. If you don’t want to use salt or if you don’t have any, another option that you can use is rice. Basically, you just want something that is abrasive to help scrub away any debris that might be in your bong.

Pipe Cleaners

Even though many people associate pipe cleaners with various crafts, the truth is that they were designed to clean out pipes. Along with being great for cleaning out pipes and glass smoking bowls, they can also be useful for cleaning out your bong. You can purchase these at a craft store or tobacco store and use them to clean out the small nooks and crannies of your bong that aren’t easy for you to reach.

Small Pieces of Scrap Fabric

One of the easiest ways to clean your bong is to fill it with rubbing alcohol and salt and to shake it around. The problem with this, obviously, is that you should worry about it leaking out of the top and the stem. One effective way to remedy this to make it easy for you to clean your bong from Glass Heads Wholesale or another supplier is to stuff the openings with small pieces of scrap fabric.

Cleaning your water bong is easier than you might think, but you’re going to need the right supplies. Luckily, if you stock up on these things, you should have what you need to make the job easy. Then, in no time, you will be smoking out of a nice, clean bong.

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