Several Types of Cannabis Paraphernalia and How They’re Used

Marijuana is quickly becoming legal for medical and recreational use in a number of states in America. The safe drug is used by an estimated 22 million Americans every month, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Many aspects of smoking, vaporizing, or otherwise injecting cannabis is enjoyable, including euphoria, weed culture, and relaxing with friends.

Using new pieces to smoke with always spruces up smoking experiences had with friends, buddies, and even family members. There are so many kinds of smoking and vaporizing paraphernalia that it’s often difficult to keep up with each type. Here are some of the most popular — and not-so-popular — paraphernalia to enjoy smoking, vaping, and eating cannabis with friends, family, and partners.


Also called water pipes, these smoking devices soften harsh smoke by percolating it through water. Smokers can take significantly larger hits — endearingly referred to as bong rips — using bongs as compared to joints, glass blunts, and spoon pipes.

Bongs are made up of a bowl in which herb is packed and lit, a down stem that carries smoke from the bowl to the rest of the usually-glass apparatus, and a chamber to collect and deliver pungent marijuana smoke. This is probably the most common why to smoke pot.


Pipes are among the most diverse of weed-smoking paraphernalia. These usually-compact devices are made from wood, glass, acrylic, and even McGyver-ed from fruit and vegetables. Pipes may be fragile, but are usually known for their durability. Smokers can find pipes in a number of varieties, ranging from compact, functional forms to large, extravagant novelty paraphernalia.


Imagine a bong, except in the form of a pipe — issa bubbler! Bubblers feature a small amount of water directly beneath the bowl that helps soften smoke, diffusing and percolating it for speedy cooling. These nifty devices are usually made from glass, crafted in a number of creative, eye-popping designs, as well.


Crafty smokers sometimes fashion steamrollers from paper towel or toilet paper roll innards — well, with stoner ingenuity, every kind of paraphernalia is easily crafted from scratch. Streamrollers include a bowl atop a sturdy acrylic or glass tube. There are many varieties of steamrollers, including those found here Both ends of steamrollers are wide open. Smokers close one end with their hand or another flat surface and draw smoke from the other, removing their hand once a mature hit has accumulated, blasting their lungs away. OK, maybe smokers’ lungs will still be intact, but they undoubtedly will be coughing for a while.

Joints and blunts

Joints and blunts are among the most popular paraphernalia, not to mention the easiest to fashion. Smokers roll marijuana cigarettes from scratch, pack weed into cones, or stuff them into hollowed-out blunts. An added benefit of these forms of smoking is they are quickly produced, cheap to purchase, and can painlessly be disposed of in the event of anyone disrupting your smoking session.